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Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

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Submitted by: Fredob Small

With the media and internet bringing the entire world closer, our awareness of health related issues has increased and all of us are well aware of the concerns we are currently facing in the world today. Need to contain and fighting HIV, Diabetes and Cancer has become a global concern. But then how many are really aware of something more basic regarding oral hygiene and periodontitis diseases that affect the gums. Whatever people know about dental diseases is all myth. It is the ignorance of the issues regarding gum diseases that is one of the key factors affecting the increase of these infections. We bet most people do not know that their health and other organs too can get affected due to their gum diseases.

In the course of field research, it has been found that one out of every four Americans is prone to gum disease and exhibit symptoms . Both mild gingivitis as well as periodontitis are seen in different people. The percentage of people who go to the Dentist in time for treatment are only three percent.

If people are educated regarding dental diseases, their effects and taught how to prevent onset of such conditions, it certainly helps.Medical research has proved that gum diseases are also linked to several other long-term implications of medical conditions including diabetes, heart complications as well as cancer. This means oral hygiene and dental health is very important for you .

In a bid to educate people, the Dentists and hospitals have now begun to hold awareness camps and sessions with the communities to be able to dispel the myths surrounding dental health.

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The most common myth that has been deep routed in the minds of people is that it is quite alright and natural to have bleeding gums. You will see a lot of people having swollen, sore and red gums . There is no recognition of the fact that this is just the beginning of periodontal disease. Any time should you find your teeth bleeding while brushing, one should immediately visit the Dentist for a checkup. By ignoring warning signals you will not only end up with periodontal disease and stand to loose your tooth but it can cause havoc with diabetes, heart problems etc.

Second most common myth that people believe is that one does not need to floss everyday. People just ignore when you tell them.Medical and Dental Association clearly states that brushing teeth twice daily along with flossing every time to remove the food particles that are lodged between the gaps in the teeth is necessary to avoid bacterial infection to the tooth and gums.

The third myth relates to the misconception in the minds of the people that Dental treatments are painful and hence they fear going to the Dentist. Even if this was the case may be fifty years ago, today it is not so. Today Dental science has advanced and innovations in technology have made available innovative tools like digital radiography, bio metric measurement, and laser therapy as well as ultra sound technology. These latest tools and specialized techniques have rendered dental treatment and surgeries painless and comfortable for patients.

It is important for one and all to know and be aware of the need for maintaining oral hygiene. The state of your dental health and gums is dependant not only on your oral hygiene but also on many other factors including but not limited to diet, stress, genetic pre disposition as well as quality of teeth etc. All said and done with good oral hygiene, you will definitely be able to stall or prevent gum diseases.

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