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Psychic Development: Frequently Asked Questions

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Submitted by: Ana Bryce

Having helped hundreds of people develop their psychic abilities over the past few years, it has been interesting to note that so many of them had been stuck with the same few questions that never got answered. These are questions that prevent beginners from developing and openly embracing their psychic abilities. I am answering these here in hopes that they will help you accept your inborn abilities and use them for a happier and more successful life.

Q: Am I special enough to have psychic abilities?

A: Psychic abilities are nothing too special. Everyone is born with the ability to communicate with his or her inner self. Everyone has the ability to open up and connect to their spirit guides and gain answers and guidance in dreams or meditations. There is nothing too special about psychic abilities and this is what some psychics do not want you to know.

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Q: If everyone is psychic, why am I unable to talk to my guides and gain answers?

A: We are all born psychic but as we grow up the society influences us in many ways. Some of us have learned to shut off our psychic abilities because of fear or because of misunderstandings while some of us may have never realized our potentials. As you learn to fully accept your psychic abilities and stop doubting your intuition, you will notice that you can easily talk to your guides and receive guidance when you need them.

Q: Is it hard to develop psychic abilities?

A: The development process will be as hard as you try to make it. All you need is an open attitude, the harder you try to “be” psychic, the harder the development process will prove to be. It is just like meditation, you should stop focusing on the progress and start focusing on the process.

Q: Will I open myself up to evil spirits when I learn to develop?

A: There are various protection and grounding methods that are available to you. You should try these before you try any other psychic development exercises. Most development courses do start off by giving you some protection and grounding tips. You should only proceed with your development process when you are comfortable with it.

I hope these answers help you. If you still have some questions feel free to contact me any time.

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Skull Cap Helmet Helping In Preventing Major Head Injuries

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

Skull Cap Helmet helping in preventing major head injuries



Even a small injury to the human brain can prove fatal at times, as it is the major controlling and coordinating center in the human body. From a mere headache to paralysis and a stage of coma, the intensity of a head injury can adversely affect the human body. More than 6 lac accidents that result in head injuries, are reported to occur annually in the country. Equipment like skull cap helmet and kids sports gear play a important role in ensuring safety and security of an individual while traveling and during involvement in heavy and risky sports.

A human brain consists of many small but very important parts. While cerebellum is responsible for proper cognitive functions and locomotion, the cerebrum helps in functions like sensory processing, learning and language. The skull, outer covering of a brain, helps in

head protection

as it acts as a natural protector and prevents wounds and injuries from affecting the brain.

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A normal head injury may cause drowsiness, headaches, loss of memory and loss of consciousness, while a severe accident may prove to be a kiss of death. Nearly 3 million

concussion related cases are reported annually in the country, most of which could have been easily avoided with the usage of a skull cap helmet.

Children are always prone to injuries and wounds, as they remain active and enthusiastic while playing, and overlook the possible threats underlying in adventurous activities. It is advised to provide peppy kids with a

kids sports gear

when they go out to play and enjoy themselves. This would ensure safety and help them indulge in sports according to their wish.

Made of thick pads, a skull cap can be worn alone or inside a helmet while riding two-wheelers and indulging in dangerous sports. During major accidents, they prevent about 90% of the thrust felt on the head. Many times, these head gears act as saviors and prevent injuries that could have have else lead to serious implications.

Safety gears and caps come in different sizes and styles, in accordance with the latest trends . It can be worn by people of different age groups. Keeping in mind the importance of safety, most of the reputed brands provide safety equipment at affordable rates.

Understanding the importance of safety and security, a lot of companies that manufacture safety gears and related equipment, are gaining grounds in the market. Safety equipment includes not only helmets and kids gears, but also other useful products like safety goggles, first aid products and face masks. Before buying any safety product, it should be ensured that they have been certified. The product should be made of durable metal and should be heat resistant, so that no inconvenience is caused to the users during hot and humid conditions.

There are many companies in the market that provide safety equipment. But to ensure that appropriate quality standards are obtained, one must choose a recognized company, which has an experience of a number of years in this field.

Undershieldz is the manufacturer of head protection and head safety products such as

skull cap helmet

, do-rag, kids helmets and safety hard hats etc to provide head safety gear to both adults and kids, please visit our website at-

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