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Backpacking involves hiking and camping in remote areas and a backpacker should have the right gear. This includes the right kind of clothing, footwear, cooking accessories, and any medicine. One of the most important items in a backpacker’s gear is their tent. There are various kinds of tents for backpacking available these days. Tents for backpacking should be chosen with care.

The Different Components of a Fantastic Tent

A tent for backpacking usually consists of the tent body which is the material the tent is made of. The rain fly is a net material that fits over the tent body to protect it. The tent also needs tent poles to fix it to the ground. A tent bag is the hold all in which you can fit the various components of the tent into snugly. Tent cords are helpful when you need to fix the tent more firmly into the ground.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Tent


The backpacking tent has to be made of lightweight material that can be carried easily. Backpackers usually trek for miles during the day and the lighter the tent, the easier it is to carry. Heavy duty tents are only recommended when there are pack animals, ATVs, or extra people to carry the weight of the tent.


The tent material should be lightweight, but it should be tough enough to withstand any kind of weather conditions. It should offer protection from the rain, snow, wind, and insects. Tent materials are available in light nylon that is tough but hardy and can stand up to the most adverse weather conditions.

Easy to Use

The tent should be easy to construct. A backpacker will be tired by the end of the day. When it is time to make camp, the backpacker shouldn’t have to struggle with poles and nylon. They should be able to erect the tent easily and with little hassle.


The size of the tent for backpacking should be small and snug enough, so as not to take up much space in the backpack. The backpack will also have to hold the other items that the backpacker needs for the hike. If the tent is large enough for three to four people, one of the backpackers can carry the tent with a few personal items. The other gear that is needed on a camping trip can be distributed among the backpacks of the other campers.

Types of Tents Available

There are single person tents which are just little more than glorified sleeping bags. But they offer protection from the elements and they are easy to carry. There are two to four person camping tents which are tremendous for family camping trips. Seven or more person camping tents are much more spacious though heavier to carry. The type of backpacking tent you choose depends on the type of backpacking or camping trip that you prefer, covet, or are planning on going on.

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